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3win sports management offer athlete branding training developed by brand and marketing industry experts and professional athletes. This ensures our athletes receive the most comprehensive insights and learning, providing for real outcomes to assist you in developing your personal brand.

Athlete Branding Training Workshop Program

The Commercial Athlete is an educational program that teaches athletes how to be marketable by building strong athlete brand, providing them with the tools to position themselves for commercial and post-career opportunities.

The advantage of growing an athlete brand provides a positive benefit to the athlete’s sphere of influence, by increasing the brand awareness and engagement of club, sponsors, and sport. Understanding the power behind commercialising an athlete brand is a critical component of a successful athletic career that can be implemented throughout any stage of a sporting career, however the earlier, the greater the long-term term potential. 

The Commercial Athlete is a program that teaches the process, strategy and tools needed to leverage current opportunities, position, and networks available during an athlete’s playing career. Providing athletes with the tools to approach all career transitions and long-term opportunities.


We give the athlete knowledge they need in their professional journey:

  • How to get scouted
  • Employment contracts
  • Representation contracts
  • Issues relating to loans and transfers
  • PR and media engagements
  • Post career advisory services