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The Commercial Athlete is an instructional program for athletes offered by 3 Win Sports Management. This program teaches athletes how to construct their own brands, promote them through social media and the media, and collaborate with their clubs to create mutually advantageous networks and economic prospects.

Athletes who are educated about their brand’s potential and opportunities get the skills and strategic knowledge to develop their profiles, which boosts the reach and exposure of themselves, their affiliated clubs, and the sport as a whole.

Improve fan-team loyalty

Increase in fan engagement

Grow ticket sale and membership

We provide equal opportunity in branding services, contracts, training and workshops.

  1. We Develop Brands For Athletes

We assist you to develop your unique personal brand. Giving you the knowledge to extend your career and access long-term pathways and greater commercial opportunities. The most successful athletes in the world have all developed their own unique brands, including the development of personalised logos, taglines, gestures and websites.