3winsportsmarkt is the largest sports sponsorship/ athlete partnership marketplace in Ghana. We make it easy for brands of any size to work directly with athletes at up to 30% under a market rate to elevate brand & marketing efforts. Our athletes’ network includes sportsmen of all disciplines: amateur, professional and retired with good digital data

At 3winsportsmarkt, our vision is to make athlete marketing easier for all brands. We believe in sport as a marketing tool and want all brands – big or small to benefit. Sports sponsorships, particularly athlete endorsements, are one of the most utilised social media marketing tools.

 Spend Smart
– From sports influencer posts to in-person appearances, there’s an option for every marketing budget.
Measure Results
– We track everything from engagement to brand goals to ensure a positive ROI.
Discover Matches
– Opportunity to pair brands with athletes based on goals, audiences, and other campaign factors.